Marin Erceg

With a Master of Science degree and basic IT education, Marin Erceg combined best of the two worlds and after years of experience in corporations as well as being a general manager of well known Croatian companies and working in sales and marketing for P&G. Two years ago he decided to make a life change with a fresh start on a start up scene with a statement “all the innovations I made until now were for others, now I’ll make one just for myself!”. It needed 3 things – original and innovative idea, small enthusiastic team and an investor. He got it all and he’s now an owner and CEO of Aspida, a start up that launched their two innovative apps Izzy and TVizzy. Marin Erceg, is still holding a prestige title of being the author of the shortest ever published SF story in the world (1987.) with only one word in Croatian: “Dolaze…” (“They’re coming…”).